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The Diamond State Saxophone Quartet is a hobbyist ensemble which has been playing saxophone quartet music since 1972. Although we mostly play for our own enjoyment, we occasionally play for a church, nursing home, or for a special occasion like the annual Separation Day celebration in New Castle, DE. DSSQ does not meet on a regular basis, but we try to get together every two or three weeks.

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DSSQ began in 1972 with John Mills, Al Bates, George Paris, and Bruce Evans. George dropped out a few years later. Al and Bruce each left town for a few years and returned to rejoin. John has remained in DSSQ for the entire31 years of its existence. At present, three of the members are Founders. Dan is the "new kid"; he has only been with DSSQ since 1992.

We have been fortunate to find excellent members when we needed them. David Kee, Charles Wickam, Jay Mills, George Whitmyre, Jim Anderson, and Bob Beeson are among our alumni. We also appreciate the services of occasional substitutes, including George Paris, Anne Carroll, Dave Carroll, Bernie Kosc, Al Colonna, Ed Wirth, and others.

The current members of DSSQ are:

John Mills, Soprano

John is a retired Middle School Band Director. He continues to teach privately, and plays in many concert, dance, and pit bands in the Wilmington-Philadelphia area.

Dan Coppens, Alto

After working for the Dupont Company for a few years, Dan formed his own composites manufacturing business ANHOLT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.. The business is located in Avondale, PA.

Al Bates, Tenor

Al is retired from three different companies. He is also semi-retired from another hobby, collecting antique woodworking tools. Al recently donated his world-class collection of harmonicas to the American Musical Instruments Museum at the University of South Dakota.

Bruce Evans, Baritone

Bruce is retired from the Dupont Company. He is interested in music arranging, and is studying music theory and harmony.



DSSQ has a book of more than 250 arrangements. Although most of them are commercially available, many were arranged by members of the group. The book includes a wide variety of musical styles: Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, early Jazz, modern Jazz, and otherwise unclassified "Contemporary" pieces.


We would enjoy hearing from other saxophone quartets, particularly those in the Mid-Atlantic region, and we would like to hear from local hobbyist players who are interested in sitting in with a saxophone quartet. Drop us a note at E-MAIL DSSQ.

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